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When Lightning Strikes

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 14/11/2018

Once Upon A Time

deep in the enchanted forest of Wells, the Autumn sun was splitting the stones and the woodland creatures were slowly waking up ready to take on a brand-new day. Fairy Flo had been up for quite a bit already. She was so excited she could not sleep!

Today, Fairy Wella the Wellness Fairy would be hosting a huge event at the roundabout, a Wellness Day at Wells! All of the fairies would have the day off to relax and take a minute to appreciate everything around them. Wella would be doing a yoga class on the grass and they would get the chance to catch up with old friends and eat some yummy treats.

It was a gorgeous Autumn day with beautiful sunshine and a fresh crisp air. For the first time in a long time, when Flo left her fairy house, there wasn’t a crazy buzz around.

People were sleeping in, taking their time and flying slowly (for a change).  As Flo got to the House she noticed a big cloud covering the sun, the cloud was grey and thick and didn’t look too pleasant. She was quickly distracted when Fairy Wella pulled her aside to taste the healthy snacks they had prepared for the big day. ‘YUM, they are delicious Wella!’ said Flo, very surprised. ‘Everyone is going to be so pleased with the day you have planned!’

The two fairies zoomed off to start welcoming all of the lovely fairies to the event. All of the fairies had their very own sponge matts to lie on and some even brought some homemade healthy snacks to share. The roundabout quickly filled up, there were hundreds of fairies all lined up sitting on their matts, ready for Wella to begin her special yoga class! Suddenly, there was a loud clutter. Everyone looked up at the sky and in the blink of an eye a huge fork of lightning struck through the huge grey cloud!

All of the fairies jumped with shock. The air got very heavy and a few drops of rain started to fall. ‘EVERYONE GET INTO THE HOUSE!’ screamed Wella. All of the fairies rushed to the house before they got stuck in what was going to be a serious rain shower! They shut the doors and in the matter of seconds the rain clattered against the windows and onto the roof.

All of the fairies were inside thankfully, however, fairy Wella was upstairs looking out the big window onto the roundabout. She seemed very upset. ‘What’s the matter Wella? asked Flo. ‘Today was my day to show everybody how to relax and take a breather for a moment and now the rain has ruined the day, and everybody is wound up!’ ‘But Wella have you been downstairs? All of the fairies are sitting around the fire place singing songs and eating all of the lovely treats. They may not be practicing their yoga, but everyone is happy and relaxed and definitely taking a break from all the hustle bustle!’

The two fairies flew downstairs, all they could hear was laughter. All of the fairies were telling stories and cosied up around the fireplace. Wella was no longer upset, it was truly lovely to see everyone together, looking at the good in a bad situation. Wella and Flo joined the party and soon enough the rain stopped, and the sun reappeared. All of the fairies went outside. The birds were chirping, and the sun was shining brightly. They got their mats, and all lined up on the roundabout, fairy Wella was beaming with excitement and began to do her yoga class.

What a day it turned out to be. Everyone got together and spent some quality time with the ones they love, along with some yummy treats. Fairy Flo and Fairy Wella went home that evening.

They were both so happy with how the day had turned out, sometimes it may feel like everything is going wrong for you, but every cloud has a silver lining where you can make good out of a bad situation. Fairy Wella went to bed a very happy fairy, she was already looking forward to a day full of adventure tomorrow.


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School Tours 2021

We are currently developing beautiful new walks through the Magic Woods of Wells House & Gardens, which children and teachers can enjoy on their visit. Our Adventure Playground is perfect for letting the kids work off some energy before getting back on the bus. All our packages offer free playtime for all.

This International Dawn Chorus Day, we invite you to experience our own magical ‘Dawn Chorus’ with exclusive early morning access to Well House & Gardens and Woodland Walks.

Dawn Chorus Morning

Lose yourself in Spring’s joyful morning song and enjoy the beautiful Sunrise at 05.51am, listening to a backdrop of birdsong whilst watching the day awaken in the enchanting gardens and woodlands.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your retirement with the help of Wells House & Gardens.

Active Retirement

Spend an afternoon in the dining room of the house itself and then take a step back in time with a guided house tour, bringing you back to a time when the magnificent ground floor and bedrooms witnessed the stories of Cromwell, Rebellions and the Famine.

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