Wells Restoration & Development


The history, Restoration & Continuous Development of Wells House & Gardens

Wells House & Gardens boasts over 400 years of history and was built in the late 1600s by John Warren. The Doyne Family went on to run the Wells Estate for over 260 years. During the 1800s, renowned English architect Daniel Robertson completely redesigned the house and its surrounds as you see it today.

In 1965 Gerhard Rosler; a hardworking and innovative German industrialist bought the house and lands and moved to Wells House with his family. The Wells Estate currently amounts to 450 acres (inc. 100 acres of Woodland).

It is owned today by Uli and Sabine Rosler who also run a working farm on the grounds. It is the mission of Wells House & Gardens to always be improving and restoring the historic grounds and house.

View our Timeline, to get an idea of how you have helped this estate grow and evolve since it’s opening to the public in 2012.

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