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Wells House & Gardens

Wells House & Gardens boasts over 400 years of history and was built in the late 1600s by John Warren. The Doyne Family went on to run the Wells Estate for over 260 years.


During the 1800s, renowned English architect Daniel Robertson completely redesigned the house and its surrounds as you see it today.

In 1965 Gerhard Rosler; a hardworking and innovative German industrialist bought the house and lands and moved to Wells House with his family. The Wells Estate currently amounts to 450 acres (inc. 100 acres of Woodland).

Gerhard’s son Uli and his wife Sabine Rosler inherited the estate and opened it to the public in 2012 allowing the house and gardens  grow into on of the most popular days out in the South East of Ireland.  The opening of the house and gardens has allowed reinvestment into the restoration of the house and grounds

In 2022 the estate was purchased by the Sean Doyle Group ensuring the security of the house and grounds for years to come.

Here’s is a timeline of our progress to date

View our Timeline, to get an idea of how you have helped this estate grow and evolve since it’s opening to the public in 2012.

July 2012 Wells House & Gardens opened to public.

Opened with following 6 elements:

Tearooms and Visitor Centre.
House Tour (6 ground floor rooms) Telling the story of Lady France’s and Charles Mervyn Doyne.
Restoration of Terrace Garden according to drawings from Daniel Robertson.
Lady France’s Woodland Walk.
3D Archery.

Front view of Wells House


  • Commenced work on the restoration of the windows of Wells House.
  • September 2013, restoration of the Wishing Well.
  • Spring 2013, opened the Craft Courtyard.
Restaurant with brown wooden tables and chairs in rows


  • March 2014, changed from Tearoom to Mrs Stones Restaurant and renovated the Green Room to become part of restaurant.
  • March 2014, also saw the completion of the 1st garden terrace outside.
  • September/October 2014, Restoration of Mogue’s Woodland Walk.
  • Continued restoration of the windows.
  • September 2014, Clay Target Shooting at Wells House and Gardens.
Pathway with trees on either side leading to a round pond


  • February 2015, Parterre Garden restored to original design using drawings by Daniel
  • Added 2nd terrace and Mad Hatter’s ice-cream shop.
  • March 2015, installed wood carvings Trolls and Owl.
  • September 2015, started on the restoration of the Arboretum according to Daniel Robertson’s drawings.
  • October 2015, installed education boards on Mogue’s walk and more carvings.
  • Ongoing restoration of House (walls in hallway, mothers room etc.)
Fairy ornament sitting on a small water fountain


  • February 2016, added new gents’ toilets and 2nd ladies’ toilets.
  • May 2016, pathways were laid in Arboretum.
  • Commissioned Fairy sculptures arrived (Emma Jane Rushworth)
  • June 2016, Urn installation arrived.
  • September 2016, opened the Animal Farm and Falconry and Harris Hawks arrived.
Chairs scattered around the room with a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling


  • May 2017, 2 bedrooms opened in House and added to House Tour.
  • July 2017, new bakery for the restaurant and new staff room.
  • December 2017, replaced gutters on the front of Wells House and Gardens also repointed some of the brickwork.
  • Continued restoration of the windows at the back of Wells House.
  • Started work on Robertson Hall to be converted to a wedding and corporate venue.
Female in blue dress sitting down and smiling


  • Spring 2018, revamped the chess board and draughts area.
  • March 2018, completed the work on Robertson Hall.
  • September 2018, restored Sash in the Wells Versailles Room.
  • Restored sashed in the Wells Library.
Outdoor playground set with slide, jungle gym, stairs and bridge


  • Playground renovations – early 2019.
  • February 2019, Renovated four of the courtyard cottages (400 years old) into accommodation.
  • February 2019, Installed the Hobbit House on the woodland Walk.
  • May 2019 restored windows and gables in Craft Courtyard.
  • New flooring put into Entrance Hall of house.
  • Robertson Hall underwent a landscaping and planting overhaul.
2 kids holding hands running down a gravel pathway


  • New Sculptures added to Woodland walk
  • More animals added to the Animal Farm
  • Visitor Centre moved to the Courtyard
2 kids holding hands running down a gravel pathway


  • The restoration of the fountain 
  • New additions to Mogue’s Woodland Walk including Drayko the Dragon
  • Preparation work begins on the new wildflowers meadows
  • 2000 bulbs planted for Spring flowers in 2021
2 kids holding hands running down a gravel pathway


A new chapter in the future of this magnificent estate begins in 2022 for Wells House and Gardens with the purchase of the estate by The Sean Doyle Group. It is business as usual as this award-winning tourism attraction based in North Wexford.

Before & After

Wells House & Gardens are now taking bookings for our exciting  2021 School Tours Packages.

School Tours 2021

We are currently developing beautiful new walks through the Magic Woods of Wells House & Gardens, which children and teachers can enjoy on their visit. Our Adventure Playground is perfect for letting the kids work off some energy before getting back on the bus. All our packages offer free playtime for all.

This International Dawn Chorus Day, we invite you to experience our own magical ‘Dawn Chorus’ with exclusive early morning access to Well House & Gardens and Woodland Walks.

Dawn Chorus Morning

Lose yourself in Spring’s joyful morning song and enjoy the beautiful Sunrise at 05.51am, listening to a backdrop of birdsong whilst watching the day awaken in the enchanting gardens and woodlands.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your retirement with the help of Wells House & Gardens.

Active Retirement

Spend an afternoon in the dining room of the house itself and then take a step back in time with a guided house tour, bringing you back to a time when the magnificent ground floor and bedrooms witnessed the stories of Cromwell, Rebellions and the Famine.


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