O nce upon a time, hidden deep in the enchanted forest of Wells House, the morning sun was gleaming through the branches and leaves of the ancient oak trees. All of the forest fairies were gathered around the fairy fountain, for today was a very special day. Today the Fountain Fairy would host her annual talent show where all of the fairies would showcase their special talents.

Every fairy in Wells forest was blessed with a special talent that made them unique from everyone else. Fairy Lolo had the ability to touch, bend, control and create light for various purposes, Fairy Fred could make anything you could imagine from wood and Fairy Alisa had a water talent in which she could manipulate water in astonishing ways. Each and every fairy was rushing around the garden practicing and making sure they had everything they needed for tonight’s big show.

Meanwhile, deep in the midst of the forest, The Gruffalo was sitting on a rock looking quite sad. Fairy Flo was buzzing around the forest gathering up all of the fairies to meet at the house before the talent show. She came across the Gruffalo and noticed he wasn’t his usual chirpy self. ‘Good afternoon Gruffalo, is everything okay?’ The Gruffalo explained ‘I just wish I had a talent to enter the talent show because it’s one of my favorite events of the year’. Fairy Flo had an idea. ‘Follow me!’ she screamed and in the blink of an eye she was buzzing off into the distance.

They zoomed through the Lady Frances walkway, past the wooden sculptures and the breathtakingly beautiful forest trees. Finally, they reached the Wishing Well. Fairy Flo explained to the Gruffalo that if you make a wish and believe in it enough it will come true and so he made his wish. All of a sudden something magical happened. The Gruffalo’s feet began to sparkle. Two shiny shoes appeared! The Gruffalo was confused, what would these shoes have to do with a talent? He took a step back and noticed that the shoes made quite a sharp ‘tap’ noise. Fairy Flo jumped with excitement, ‘they’re tap dancing shoes Gruffalo!’

They made their way to the Fairy Fountain where all the fairies were ready to get up on stage. The talent was astonishing amongst the fairies, The Gruffalo was feeling a little nervous, but he had Fairy Flo beside him to reassure him that he would do amazing. It was time. The Gruffalo stepped onto the stage where there was a wooden plank beneath him. Without any hesitation, his feet began to ‘tap, tap, tap’. Everyone exclaimed with joy and the Gruffalo’s smile reached to either side of his face. He got a standing ovation, even from the Fountain Fairy!

The Fountain Fairy was so impressed with all of the talent showcased on the night, she found it very difficult to pick just one winner but after a lot of thought she had decided. All of the fairies were sitting on the edge of their seat with butterflies in their stomachs. ‘The winner I have chosen for this year’s talent show is…… THE GRUFFALO!’

Everybody reached for the sky with joy for him. The Gruffalo was speechless. The Fountain Fairy began to speak ‘Not only did your tap dancing make everyone want to get up and dance but your bravery and belief you had in yourself shone through in your performance, well done!’

The Gruffalo had never felt happier. He was so glad to have such a special friend in Fairy Flo, who went out of her way to cheer him up. That evening all the fairies and woodland creatures danced and sang around Wells’ beautiful garden.

The sun slowly fell beneath the beautiful oak trees and the night came to an end. The Gruffalo closed his eyes and thought to himself, “I wonder what tomorrow’s adventures may bring.”