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Fairy Flo and The Ocean Fairy

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 29/11/2018

Once Upon A Time

in the mysterious and enchanted forest of Wells house there lived a community of little fairies & woodland creatures. All of the fairies were fast asleep tucked into their beds, all bar one, Fairy Flo. Flo had been up all night. There had been a very bad storm that night that kept her up, there was thunder and lighting and the rain was so heavy it leaked through her little tree door!

The weather seemed to have calmed down a bit so Flo adventured out of her front door to see if there was any damage done to her little home. As she opened the door it flew out of her grip. The wind was still quite strong and there was a light drizzle of rain falling on her head, but she decided to chance it anyway. She went on and on through the forest where there were lots of fallen trees and rubbish that had blown in from far and near.

Suddenly Flo heard a yelp from a bush. She looked around her, extremely confused. She heard it again coming from a small bush beside an oak tree. She made her way over, with caution, she noticed a little sparkle coming out of the bush.

As she pulled the branches back she saw a little fairy in distress. ‘What has happened, are you okay?’ ‘My name is Ora the Ocean fairy, the storm was so bad in Curracloe beach that it poached me out of the water and I ended up landing on these grounds, I made my way to a bush to take cover until the storm had passed.’ Flo couldn’t believe it, the wind started to build up strength as the fairies talked. ‘You must come back to my house Ora, it’s not safe out here until the storm has passed.’ The two fairies held onto each other and slowly made their way back.

Flo lit the fire and made Ora some yummy food to heat her up.


As the two fairies chatted away, a flash started going off on a little wrist watch Ora was wearing. ‘Oh no! The sea creatures are in danger I need to get back now!’ Flo was trying to think of a way of getting Ora home, when suddenly she had a lightbulb moment. ‘I know! Follow me!’

The two fairies travelled through the forest, holding onto each other so that they didn’t blow away. They made it to the petting farm. In they went to one of the sheds where they approached Faro the Falcon. ‘Faro, we need your help! The sea creatures are in danger and Ora the Ocean fairy must get back to them right away, can you help us?!’ Faro was an extremely confident Falcon. He did a little shrug and said, ‘I’m sure I can get you there in a jiffy’.

The two fairies got onto his back, Faro was an extremely strong and fast bird, he could exceed 320 km/hr., if anyone was going to get them there it was him!

The wind however, was even very strong for poor Faro and he was struggling. Flo spotted a beach in the distance, ‘were almost there!’ Faro was now so close to the water, but the waves were extremely big and crashing everywhere. He had to wait for the right moment to swoop down with great speed so that Ora could dive in without being brushed away again by the strong waves and wind.

It was Faro’s opportunity, he flew down at immense speed, like a flash of lighting! Off flew Fairy Ora into the water, Flo could hear a tiny voice ‘thank you Flo and Faro, you’ve saved the day!’ and in she went to the deep blue sea. Faro and Flo set off on their journey home. Flo decided to stay with Faro and the farm animals for the night where they had yummy food and a nice warm shed.

What heroes Flo and Faro were, braving the storm to help their fairy friend out, they may never see Fairy Ora again, but they knew she would be eternally grateful for what they did.



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