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The Life That Summer Brings to Wells

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A time to enjoy the rays, the beauty and the life which surrounds you.

At Wells House & Gardens, not only can you revel in the life that’s currently a buzz, but you can also be transported to the lives of those that came before. As we enter the summer we at Wells reflect on the previous summers these fantastic grounds have witnessed and the lasting affect they have had.

We cast our minds to the mid 1880’s in Wells House, to the reign of Charles Doyne.

Lady Frances & Charles Doyne

Doyne married the daughter of one of England’s richest families, Lady Frances Fitzwilliam. Similar to other well-born ladies of her generation, art played a very important role in the education of Lady Frances. It was discovered she had quite a talent and went on to become an accomplished water-colour painter. As the majority of her adult life was spent at Wells, the walls of the house are blessed with her astonishing artwork. Located in the Shell Room the landscapes of Wells, Coollattin, The Vale of Clara and more are proudly on display for all that venture into the historic home to see.

The Vale of Clara by Lady Frances

When the flowers bloomed and then sun sat in the sky Lady Frances enjoyed spending time in the gardens. In fact, when she wasn’t painting she spent her days planting daffodils. In 1903, this hobby saw Wells House attend The Horticulture Show in Dublin and take home the prize for having 50 varieties of daffodils on the grounds. Lady Frances’s love for Wells and its surroundings led current owners Uli and Sabine to name one of our walks after the lady of the house.

Beyond the daffodils, summer also brings the growth of the varieties of flowers in our manicured gardens, the trees in our arboretum and the wildness of our woodland walks.

So, this summer, walk our Lady Frances trail. Experience the growth, the life and the history Wells House & Gardens has to offer.

Lady Frances Walk at Wells House

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