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Wells House & Garden

The Familiar Pooch of Wells House

In the middle of the 19th century there was a notable shift in behaviour of people towards companion animals.

Members of the middle classes were now forming attachments to their canine friends and pet keeping was gaining popularity.

In 1808 Lord Byron buried his Newfoundland dog Boatswain in the precinct of the sacred Abbey of Newstead and on the monument, he had inscribed, “all the virtues of a man without his vices.’’
Love was not the only motivation driving this intensifying attachment of the middle classes to their animals, it could also be measured in cash. Pedigree breeding was very much sought after. These cherished animals carried impressive price tags in some cases.

Over the years many dogs have lived here on the Wells Estate. This curious pup seems to be quite found of the camera and while delving through the history books and countless historical images, seems to make frequent appearances.

Some times by the house with the family or on the farm yard hushing the chickens and looking for mischief. We especially love this image, where they sit proudly on the family cart with Kathleen Doyne. Looking at this image you can’t help but see the confidence this dog has in their importance among the family.

We don’t know much about our little pooch other than he lived here at Wells House and Gardens at the turn of the 20th century.

Should we give the pooch a name? Let us know below what we should name the pooch!


Wells House & Gardens are now taking bookings for our exciting  2021 School Tours Packages.

School Tours 2021

We are currently developing beautiful new walks through the Magic Woods of Wells House & Gardens, which children and teachers can enjoy on their visit. Our Adventure Playground is perfect for letting the kids work off some energy before getting back on the bus. All our packages offer free playtime for all.

This International Dawn Chorus Day, we invite you to experience our own magical ‘Dawn Chorus’ with exclusive early morning access to Well House & Gardens and Woodland Walks.

Dawn Chorus Morning

Lose yourself in Spring’s joyful morning song and enjoy the beautiful Sunrise at 05.51am, listening to a backdrop of birdsong whilst watching the day awaken in the enchanting gardens and woodlands.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your retirement with the help of Wells House & Gardens.

Active Retirement

Spend an afternoon in the dining room of the house itself and then take a step back in time with a guided house tour, bringing you back to a time when the magnificent ground floor and bedrooms witnessed the stories of Cromwell, Rebellions and the Famine.

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