Safety Statement

At Wells House & Gardens we want you to enjoy a relaxing and safe visit but sometimes historic sites such as ours come with extra quirks that you should look out for when visiting. For example, please stay on all paths as marked out for you by Wells House & Gardens, supervise your children at all times as Wells House & Gardens do not offer supervision services. Our Adventure playground is state of the art and provides children with hours of fun however it also comes with its risks so please make sure you watch out for trip hazards, uneven services and keep an eye on the little ones when they are using the play facilities.

Wells House & Gardens endeavour to maintain a safe premises and grounds. However all visitors must acknowledge and accept the risk involved in visiting / exploring any Grade 1 listed building. There are the usual everyday slips, trips and falls hazards that may be encountered in any normal situation.  We would ask visitors to wear sensible footwear and to take care when exploring the house and gardens. Wells House & Gardens, its agents, staff or representatives cannot be held responsible for any injury howsoever sustained while a guest on the premises.

Dogs are welcome on the premises but must be kept on a lead at all times. Due to Health & Safety only guide-dogs are allowed in the restaurant. All dogs visiting the grounds must be up to date with vaccinations. Please pick up after your dogs and dispose of waste using the bins provided.

Please note: No drones are allowed on the premises of Wells House & Gardens at any time.

For your safety we have highlighted some items to look out for when visiting a historic site such as Wells House & Gardens:

We love dogs here at Wells House & Gardens however please do make sure they are on a lead at all times as not everyone is as fond of them as we are.