Our Value Proposition

Wells House & Gardens Value Proposition

Wells House and Gardens is for the entire family, from grandparents to toddlers. 

Who need to play, learn and explore in a relaxed, safe environment. We encourage all our visitors to discover their inner child and love to see children’s faces light up with the magic of our estate. Guests become part of our story, the story of Wells House and Gardens which dates back to the late 1600’s. 

Wells House is for those that are looking to spend the entire day relaxing in beautiful surroundings, enjoying all we have to offer from our playground to animal farm, woodland walks to great locally sourced food and drink. As a family run attraction, we welcome our visitors as we would guests into our home – welcoming visitors big and small! Our home is your home – relax. 

Our informal, relaxed approach allows visitors to enjoy our broad and evolving offer. 

We engage with and listen to our visitors to ensure the attraction is tailored to them. 

Because we believe that Wells House and Gardens is magical, peaceful and deserves to be part of Wexford’s landscape and history for many generations to come. We want every visitor to leave smiling and planning to return. 

The Management; Wells House and Gardens

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