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Living Magically Retreat

Friday 8th November - Sunday 10th November | Living Magically in Midlife & Beyond


We look forward to you joining us at Wells House and Gardens for a multi-sensory weekend retreat into connecting with your inner Wise Woman goddess so that you can live powerfully, positively and magically every day of your life. Enjoy the natural surroundings of the 400-acre estate, sleep peacefully in cosy cottages, relish nourishing and flavourful meals and create a community of well-being. 

Friday 8th November


Arrival at Wells House and Welcome. Enjoy a warming drink and a chance to settle into a Friday evening relaxed frame of mind. Check into your cottage and feel yourself unwind.

5.00pm – The journey begins

“Where there is a woman there is magic.” – Ntozake Shange

You receive your ‘Living Magically’ welcome pack and we get to know each other. We create a sacred space where you can set down all aspects of everyday duty and responsibility, allowing you to focus your attention entirely on yourself for the duration of your retreat experience.

We start with a little fun and dive into the Living Magically toolbox looking at your ‘Life Path’ and ‘Personal Year’ numbers in numerology, Angel Guidance cards and connecting with your highly intuitive sense of ‘knowing’ that is your innate wisdom. Opening up to this highly valuable aspect of your life is vital to support the work you will be doing over the next two days (and to the rest of your life!).

Please note that our retreat experience allows for lots of private journal work and for open discussion. Participants may share as much or little as they feel comfortable.

7.00pm – Dinner in Wells House Dining Room

Experiencing the pleasure of all the senses is our primary focus this weekend and we are certain you’ll truly enjoy an unhurried evening meal carefully prepared by the Wells House Chef for your pleasure.

Saturday 9th November

9.30am – Breakfast in Mrs. Stone’s Restaurant -

10.30 am – Examining the past

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” - Pierre Tailhard de Chardin

We ask the question and explore, who you were before the world told you who you should be?

What feels heavy? This time of change brings ‘time for me’ to make room for adventure, creativity and passion and all the ‘one-day’ promises you made to yourself through the years. Choosing your ‘Team of Me’ - A combination of journal work and open discussion.


Refreshments of hot drinks and time to stretch and shake out – we’re shedding old skin here!

12.15pm - Exploring the present

There’s lots of spaces to choose from at Wells House so find a perfect spot and get comfortable we’re doing private journal workbook in this session.

You’ll concentrate on the high fives and big thank you’s for all that’s working in all aspects of your life. And calling time up on what’s no longer lighting you up, what’s weighing you down and what’s accumulated baggage belonging to the years of nurturing – no longer relevant today.

1.45pm - Light lunch

Nourishment for mind and body with seasonal soup and super salads.

2.15pm – Shinrin Yoku

- or the Japanese healing art of ‘Being with Trees’. We’re following ‘Mogue’s Walk’ through the Wells forest. This exercise is deeply sensory and mindful bringing peace to the soul and connection to your truest nature. This connection frees up and allows you become conscious of your heart’s desire (often put aside and ignored during the years of nurturing and caring for family or career etc.) and is healing on a physical level gifting your immune system a super boost to sustain you through the winter months ahead. – Wellies and rain wear may be necessary.


A hot drink and time to get comfortable for the next stage of our journey.

3.45pm – Calling back your power

Over our lifetime, little by little we give away our power. In this session we meditate asking the angels (Source/God/Guides/Ancestors/Universe) to help us call back our power so that we can begin the conscious and deliberate use of all our power to increase positive outcomes in our lives. It’s time to harness the magic of our inner wisdom and divine energy.

“Consistent shifts in your thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives including relationships, finances, body and self-image.”

- Gabrielle Bernstein (Author May Cause Miracles)

Declare (in your journal or in group discussion) your truths, your values, your purpose, your extra-ordinaryness. There’s no place for shame, guilt or blame as we set out on living magically in every aspect of our lives every day of our lives. Letting go/ releasing exercise. Opening up to receiving exercise.


Short Angel Giuidance card reading for anyone who wishes it.

7.00pm - Dinner in Wells House Dining Room

We have prepared a delicious evening meal highlighting the seasonal bounty of local home grown produce. Enjoy a glass of wine and our decadent desert to finish.

8.30pm – Film ‘The Shift’

An uplifting and inspirational story by (and starring) Dr. Wayne Dyer about how when you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes. A lovely wind down after a truly delicious day of soulful self nurture.

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal.”

- Mother Teresa


Wander back to the cosy cottages and take time to enjoy the perfect conditions to see the starry, starry sky.………and make a wish!

Sunday 10th November

9.30am - Breakfast in Mrs. Stone’s Restaurant.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast fit for a Wise & Ageless Goddess.


Take this opportunity to check out and put your bags in the hall so that you are free to enjoy the final stages of our journey together.

10.30pm –Aligning thoughts and actions with heart led changes.

We quieten down and journal in the workbook. With deep connection to your heart, you honour all that has revealed itself to you and declare your intentions and commitment to your desires, promises and wishes for your life, looking at choices, making decisions and building structure for the days, weeks , months and even years ahead.

These structures include planning your perfect miracle mornings and schedule soulful self care practices to support you in thriving and flourishing as you step into your status of Wise & Ageless Goddess – Living Magically every day.

12.00pm – Closing of the event and ‘Journey to the Well’.

“Everybody has a calling. Your real job is to figure out why you are here and get about the business of doing it.” - Oprah

We put away our journal workbooks and bless the space which has held us for our journey over the past two days. Now we take the path through the Wells Fairy Walk and into the woodland where the well resides – forever a source of that most precious cleansing and life sustaining resources – water. Here is where the Victorian Ladies of the Wells Estate came to enjoy an afternoon of painting together. One can imagine that they also came to whisper the secrets of their hearts to the spirit of the well and make wishes.

At the well we honour our wisdom and intuitive guidance and promise that through our divine creative expression to live magically every day from this day forward.

Please contact us to book at retreats@wellshouse.ie or call +353 (0)53 9186737 - Ts & Cs apply. 

The Courtyard Cottages

Within the Wells House estate is a cosy courtyard, built in the 1600s. Quaint with character and an abundance of history, we have now opened the once working yard as self-catering cottages to continue its story. Our cottages; The Pump House, The Dairy, Molly’s & Mogue’s are named after their original uses and tenants from the 1800s. They have been restored to deliver an authentic, country feel with wood-burning stoves, loft bedrooms and self-catering kitchens. Each cottage has two bedrooms, each sleeping two guests. 

Your Teacher – Trina Keane

It was my own experiences at midlife that led me to founding the ‘Wise & Ageless Goddess Guide to Living Magically’ community.

My mission is to show women that growing older, far from being a process of decline or breaking down, is a transformational and liberating age when a woman gets to reveal her true beauty. She discovers her gifts for healing, magic and wisdom and finds joy and meaning in the adventure of delivering these to the world.

In my programmes and workshops I have the privilege of helping women step into their status of Wise & Ageless Goddess. This is a time when her direction and focus moves from the nurturing phase and into the exploration of meaning and joy in her own life by means of tapping into and being led by her innate wisdom. Learning to do that and to trust it is a highly transformational process and my clients say that it has changed their lives and brought adventures they never ‘in their wildest dreams’ expected.

Today I’m a regular contributor on Carol Dooley’s Saturday Live Show on Sunshine 106.8fm Radio in Dublin, covering topics such as my ‘MenoPower’, ‘It’s Never too Late to Begin’ and ‘Living Magically’ mentoring programs and other subjects on the sacred soulcraft of self-nurture for women in midlife and beyond. I am a Hay House Certified Angel Guide and a team member on The Holistic Journal.

The Wells Estate team and I have created the most beautiful, soulful retreat experience for you and the only rule is that you put yourself first for the duration. I’m so excited to share it with you.

Trina x

You can find me here:

Website: www.trinakeane.com

Facebook pages:

Wise & Ageless Goddess

November Bliss with Trina Keane (support page to the November Bliss free online 30 day programme)

YouTube channel: Wise & Ageless Goddess



“Trina, your course has literally saved my life! It’s totally different to anything else I’ve ever done and you gave me the step by step actions I needed to get every aspect of my totally chaotic life not only on track but so unbelieveably more exciting than I ever imagined. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Brona McC.


“Since my divorce, I thought I would just have to make the best of my time and hope to have grandchildren soon to keep me occupied. Oh My Goodness was I so wrong!! It’s like someone was telling me to look in the other direction all the time and I didn’t know there was a completely and utterly different life all waiting for me. I’ve joined the club, set up a facebook page to keep in touch with my daughters abroad, and am starting a course in Reiki healing in September. Each time I think ok, that’s sorted, something else wonderful appears." - Monica L.


“I plucked up the courage to ask my friend to come to Rome for a weekend holiday with me and she said yes of course she would! – I’ll never be afraid to ask again. From you I learned that other people will respond if I simply speak up and ask for what I need. That alone out of all I learned with you has changed the way I look at everything. I feel a greater sense of power I didn’t know I had.” - Deirdre O’D.


“I always felt I had ‘helpers’ in my life – angels and suchlike and I’ve had lots of what we could say are ‘magical or miraculous’ experiences but I’d never talk about them to anyone. Now I’m over that. I love, love, love my new ‘Miracle Morning’ you helped me set up and I am really feeling a new energy in my life, I think from the meditation practice I now do at night and in the morning. So many lovely things are happening and I’m meeting much nicer people.” - Carol M.


“When I contacted you, it was really to say that I wished I could be as positive about life growing older as you seemed to be Trina. I didn't believe that the 'best is yet to come' like you keep saying. But it really couldn't be better and it's like a light went on from that first day on your course...... A midlife miracle. Every day an adventure. I wasn't expecting that!" - Niamh C.

The Courtyard

Wells House Cottage Bedroom

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