O nce upon a time deep in the woods of Wells there was a Hobbit King named Ulrich, who lived in Hobbiton Place. I don’t know how much you know about Hobbits, but they tend to be very short, grumpy and most importantly they love to stay at home!

Hobbiton Place consists of the hobbit palace, extensive woodlands and of course the royal subjects of King Ulrich. However, the Kings most prized possession is his garden. It is said by some that you can find every colour of rainbow in the garden of the hobbit. One day as he watered his particular favourite flowers, he saw a glimmer of light come towards him in the distance. It got closer. And closer. And closer. Until he could finally see the smiling face and the wings a flutter. He didn’t know it yet, but it was Fairy Flo.

Ulrich raised his watering can to the glittering girl and asked, “Who are you and what are you doing in Hobbiton Place?”. After a brief pause, Fairy Flo answered, stating, “I am Fairy Flo, the fairy of Wells House & Gardens, and who may I ask are YOU?”. A clear of the throat and the King announced quite sternly “I am the reigning King of Hobbiton Place, King Ulrich!” Taken aback by the regal tone of the hobbit standing before her, Fairy Flo was speechless. And anyone who knows Fairy Flo, knows this isn’t a regular occurrence. A silence fell between the two strangers as neither knew what to say next. No one knew how much time had past but finally Fairy Flo plucked up her wings and extended her arm to allow her hand to meet the Kings. Reluctantly, the King allowed his hand to touch the fairies, and suddenly the corners of his mouth curled, and an unexpected smile took over his face. It was at this moment that Fairy Flo knew she could turn this grumpy Hobbit King into her new best friend.

As the sun set in the sky and the woodland birds settled into for the night Flo and Ulrich were still deeply enthralled in their conversation. The topic was flowers, chosen by the King of course. As the story sharing delve deeper Fairy Flo made a startling discovery. King Ulrich had never seen any flowers that weren’t in his garden as he had never dared venture into parterre gardens near the big house. Flo told him tales of the flowers and their breath-taking colours. The Kings eyes filled with wonder a he heard about this wonderful place. Fairy Flo decided to push her luck and ask the King to take a leap of faith and accompany her to the gardens when the sun rose again. Not sure he could partake in such a venture the hobbit instinctively was going to say no. But… then he thought about his new friend Flo and how beautifully she described these wonderous gardens that lay just outside his home. And so, to the delight of Fairy Flo, King Ulrich nervously nodded his head. They agreed to meet at Hobbiton Place when the sun was at the highest point of the sky and hand in hand, they would venture to the beautiful radiating parterre gardens.

Come back next week to find out more about the new best friends Fairy Flo & The Hobbit King.

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