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Fairy Flo the Fountain Fairy of Wells House

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 09/04/2018

Once Upon A Time

in the enchanted gardens and woodlands of Wells House, lived a forest fairy named Flo, or as her fellow fairy friends liked to call her, the Fountain Fairy. She had lovingly acquired her nickname because her favorited perch of all the magical grounds was the fountain in the terrace gardens. She spent most of her days perched on the fountain, fluttering over the gardens and admiring the lovely people who visited them. She found great joy in the laughter and chatter of the visiting children, it reminded her of the fun that she had with her forest fairy friends. The Fountain Fairy was always looking for her next adventure, and there were plenty to be had on the grounds of Wells House! She decided to spend her morning gliding through the trees, a trail of golden fairy dust alway glimmering behind her. She loved how the gentle breeze dusted over her shimmering fairy wings as she buzzed to and fro.

The Fountain Fairy’s hazelnut curls danced around her face in a delightful gust of wind, revealing her tiny pointed nose, freckled cheeks, and emerald eyes to the glittering sunshine that was just beginning to peek through the tree tops. As the fountain fairy swooped down to flutter over the babbling stream, darting up and over the overhanging branches, her leather booted feet softly dropped, one after another, on to a perfectly mossy rock on the water’s edge.

There were many other forest fairies out and about, enjoying the beautiful day. She spotted some of her best fairy friends, Rosalinda and Mariposa, splashing around in their secret swimming hole. It was perfectly hidden from view, under the loveliest ivy and moss cover, that only they knew about. As spring had sprung, an astonishing amount of lovely flowers had filled their secret sanctuary, you could almost taste the scent of the fresh blossoms.

The forest fairies loved spending their afternoons there, creating breath-taking water spirals and arches that they darted in and out of, but mostly just giggling and splashing each other! As the sun began to fall behind the trees, the forest fairies decided it was the perfect time for a pot of tea and some tasty treats.

The fairy friends settled around their tea party table in the tucked away fairy glen, and told tales of their past adventures, their magical dreams, and their bright hopes for the future. While they sipped their tea, they munched on some of their favourite tasty delights, like moss pudding, holly tree tarts, lavender truffles, rainbow lollies, and scones with raspberry jam and cream!

When their bellies ached from loads of laughs and sweet treats, they all bid each other farewell, and fluttered off to their forest fairy nooks.

The Fountain Fairy twirled and spun through the evening air, on her way back to her perch, on the fountain. It was her favorited time of the day, when the glorious day turned into the enchanting night. She loved to watch as the magnificent sun took its rest, and the moon gradually rose up into the twinkling night sky. The fountain fairy flitted around the garden, helping mother birds tuck in their baby chicks, finding the perfect warm spot under a plant for a sweet chipmunk, and gliding over the flowers and plants, dropping her magical fairy dust over them, to keep them safe and warm through the chilly night. As the evening breeze blew through her wild curls, she fluttered back up to her perch on the fountain. She could not imagine there was another view more beautiful than this in all the land. It had been another magical day at Wells, the Fountain Fairy could not wait to see what exciting adventure awaited her tomorrow.


Wells House & Gardens are now taking bookings for our exciting  2021 School Tours Packages.

School Tours 2021

We are currently developing beautiful new walks through the Magic Woods of Wells House & Gardens, which children and teachers can enjoy on their visit. Our Adventure Playground is perfect for letting the kids work off some energy before getting back on the bus. All our packages offer free playtime for all.

This International Dawn Chorus Day, we invite you to experience our own magical ‘Dawn Chorus’ with exclusive early morning access to Well House & Gardens and Woodland Walks.

Dawn Chorus Morning

Lose yourself in Spring’s joyful morning song and enjoy the beautiful Sunrise at 05.51am, listening to a backdrop of birdsong whilst watching the day awaken in the enchanting gardens and woodlands.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your retirement with the help of Wells House & Gardens.

Active Retirement

Spend an afternoon in the dining room of the house itself and then take a step back in time with a guided house tour, bringing you back to a time when the magnificent ground floor and bedrooms witnessed the stories of Cromwell, Rebellions and the Famine.

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