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Fairy Flo and the Missing Fairy Book

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 07/05/2018

Once Upon A Time

nestled deep in the mystical forest of Wells House & Gardens the morning dew still clung to the flower petals, but the forest fairies were already all a flutter, tending to their daily tasks. Each fairy in the forest has a unique profession that they joyfully perform through every season of the year! When a forest fairy is born, they receive their special job that reflects their personality, gifts, and abilities. It all takes place during a magical ceremony.

In the ceremony the forest fairy places their delicate finger tips upon the enchanted Fairy Book and then all the forest fairies stand back in awe as the book bursts open. Surrounded by a bright golden glow, the pages magically flutter about, landing on the page that reveals the fairy’s special job. For as long as forest fairies had inhabited the enchanted woodlands of Wells House, the Fairy Book had been perched on its ancient enchanted stump. The deep magical roots from the stump, connected to the Fairy Hollow tree, producing all of the enchanted fairy dust!

Legend says that the eldest and wisest fairy that ever lived created the book of guidelines and incantations to protect the fairies and help keep their existence a secret. As long as the forest fairies protected the book, there was nothing but peace, prosperity and love in the Wells woodlands. The magic fairy dust was plentiful, their bond with mother-nature was strong, and their creativity was endless.

On this particular morning, the Fountain Fairy was fluttering through the forest on her way to tend to the fountain in the gardens, when suddenly she heard weeping and wailing from down below the tree tops. She swooped down and discovered a large gathering of fairies sadly hovering over the ancient enchanted stump, where the Fairy Book should have been, but it was gone! Without the Fairy Book, the fairies would not have their magical connection, and the world as they knew it could end! They simply could not imagine a life where their magic and gifts couldn’t protect and care for all of the beings on the grounds of Wells! Who could have taken the Fairy Book?? Only a great big forest critter could have managed it.

Suddenly, out of the mystical woods, Queen Odette appeared, causing all the forest fairies to breathe a sigh of relief. Her captivating golden wings, glistening gown, and shimmering crown radiated warmth and comfort. Queen Odette would surely know what to do! The crowd of forest fairies parted as the Forest Fairy Queen glided towards the barren tree stump. The fairies held their breath, waiting for what the Queen would have to say.

The Queen slowly turned to face the fairies, her gentle smile was meant to offer comfort, but the worry snuck through her calm disposition. With a tone full of inspiration and strength the Queen challenged all the forest fairies to go forth and search for the Fairy Book for if they did not find the Fairy Book in time, the magical fairy dust would dry up, their existence would be exposed, and their life of caring for the inhabitants of Wells would cease to exist!

As the Queen made her way back to the Fairy Hollow the rest of the forest fairies scattered, all in pursuit of the enchanted Fairy Book that they all cherished so dearly! The Fountain Fairy sprang in to action, she knew the missing Fairy Book had to be somewhere in the Wells woodlands!


he Fountain Fairy decided to track down her friend, Mouse, to see if he knew anything about the missing Fairy Book! She found Mouse curled up, sleeping in his favourite flower bed. As he had been asleep, he had not heard about the missing Fairy Book or seen where it had gone! He suggested the Fountain Fairy enquire with the friendly Fox, if the book had been taken during the night, the Fox would surely have seen what happened. Through the thick bush, the Fountain Fairy spotted the Fox having a morning tea with the Badger. Neither of them had seen or heard the Fairy Book being taken, what was she to do now? What forest creature would have been able to see the Fairy Book being taken??

Suddenly, an idea popped in to the Fountain Fairy’s head! Why the Owl, the wisest creature in the forest, had the best view of all the happenings in the woodlands from his high perch in the tree top branches. The Fountain Fairy soared down the woodland path, with glistening gold fairy dust trailing behind her. She zig-zagged around other Fairy Book search parties, in hopes of tracking down the Owl before his afternoon snooze!

She skidded to a stop in front of the Owl’s tree house, with its thatched roof, crooked chimney, windows of all shapes and sizes, and gigantic wooden door that the large Owl could fit through, it was the most charming home in the enchanted woodlands! After knocking with no answer, the Fountain Fairy flitted over to a window, tapping gently on the glass pane. The Owl, who had fallen asleep in his favourite reading place woke with a start. The Owl propped open the window to let the Fountain Fairy slip inside.

As the afternoon light streamed through the windows, the Fountain Fairy explained to the Owl what the trouble was. He pondered over the Fairies’ dilemma for quite some time, the Fountain Fairy tried to be patient as the wise old Owl delved into his memories. He slowly opened his eyes, and asked the Fountain Fairy if she had checked by the Wishing Well, for he had seen an unusual creature perched there with an object tucked under his arm. The Fountain Fairy thanked the Owl for his advice, and slipped back out the open window.

As the Fountain Fairy neared the Wishing Well, it was with absolute shock that she saw a most terrifying looking creature, with large claws, sharp teeth, two horns, and yellow eyes, sitting on the edge of the Well. He was hunched over, reading the Fairy Book! What could she do? The Fountain Fairy knew she had no choice but to try and recover the Fairy Book, though it was frightening, it was the right thing to do! The Fountain Fairy mustered up all the courage she had, and glided over to the mysterious creature. She bravely and confidently started up a kind conversation with the creature, for she didn’t want to quickly judge or assume that the creature was bad.

After a lovely chat, it turns out the creature was, the Gruffalo! He had just seen the Fairy Book along the path, and thought it looked like an interesting read! The Fountain Fairy giggled, and had to agree, it did look like a good book to read! The Gruffalo happily returned the book to the Fountain Fairy, apologised for the misunderstanding, and thanked her for the kindness she had shown him and they were both thankful to have made a new friend.

As the evening fell upon the woodlands, the Fountain Fairy brought the Fairy Book back to its enchanted perch on the stump. As the magical fairy dust began to flow again, the Forest Fairies cheered and teetered with delight, knowing they could continue to care for the beautiful grounds and inhabitants of Wells House & Gardens! The Fountain Fairy slipped away from the celebration, happy to spend the rest of her evening on her fountain perch.

She watched the setting sun cast its last bits of light on the surface of the water, as she reflected on the adventure filled day. How lovely it was to make an unexpected friend, you never can judge a book by its cover, for you never know the dazzling story that could be hiding inside! The Fountain Fairy smiled to herself, what a wonderful feeling knowing that tomorrow was filled with more adventures and friends just waiting to be discovered.

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