O nce upon a time, in the beautiful, enchanted grounds of Wells House lived a young girl called Niamh. Niamh was a bit of an explorer, she loved running around the stables with all of the animals (even the little mice), getting stuck in the mud and finding new adventures every day.

One breezy, Spring day, Niamh’s red ribbon came out of her hair while she was playing in the garden. The breeze blew it down towards the Lady Frances walk. She chased after it down the narrow walkway, the sun had begun to set, and the night started to settle over the forest. Finally, it stopped. Niamh picked it up, as she looked up she noticed she had never been in this part of the enchanted forest before.

As Niamh placed her ribbon back into her hair, firmly, so it wouldn’t blow away this time, she noticed something rustle in a nearby shrub. She saw a kind of shimmering, silver mist from the branches. She walked over curiously and as she pulled back the branch she couldn’t believe her eyes, it was a little castle!

Meanwhile, inside the fairy castle was Fairy Flo who was very upset. She had been wandering around Wells Forest when she lost track of time. It had gotten very dark in the forest and she wasn’t sure which way to get home and so she took shelter in the fairy castle. All of a sudden, a big eye appeared in the window. It was Niamh’s eye. Fairy Flo let out a squeal. “There’s a fairy in there!” Niamh cried.

Fairy Flo got such a fright at Niamh’s sheer size, for she had never seen a human before, she threw her little bag of fairy dust at her. It bounced off of Niamh’s nose and all of a sudden Niamh began to shrink… smaller and smaller until she was the size of a little finger!

Niamh looked down at herself in amazement. Then, without thinking, she ran to the little castle door and knocked on it. Fairy Flo answered. She looked at Niamh in shock. “Go away! You scare me,” she said bravely. Niamh smiled, it was a kind smile. “I won’t hurt you,” she said. Her voice was so soothing, that Fairy Flo couldn’t help but let her in.

“What has got you so upset?” Niamh asked with concern. Fairy Flo explained what had happened to Niamh and without hesitation Niamh was ready to help! “I have lived at Wells all my life, I know the place inside out, I will get you home Flo!”

Niamh hopped onto Fairy Flo’s back and told her which lanes to go down, all of the shortcuts and got her home in less than 5 minutes! “See, I told you, not to worry about these little things, you will always find your way home.”

Fairy Flo was so grateful to Niamh and invited her in for tea and cake with all of the Fairy family. It was getting very late, Niamh knew her parents would be worried. Fairy Flo sprinkled some fairy dust over Niamh and she began to grow and grow back to her normal size. “Thank you for everything, I will always remember what you did for me.”

Niamh was the first human to ever see one of the fairies in the Enchanted forest, she never did come across Flo again, for fairies fly so fast that they are gone in the blink of an eye. For many years after Niamh would explore the forest and still does, every time she would see a little sparkle, or hear a rustle in the bushes, she knew there was a fairy near. ­­­

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