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Fairy Flo and the Fairy Boot Fiasco

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 31/05/2018

Once Upon A Time

deep in the mystical woodlands of Wells House & Gardens, the forest critters were just beginning to rustle and stir, rising for a brand new day full of endless possibilities. The first light of the day shone brightly, the sun beams streaming through the window panes, waking the Fountain Fairy from a deep and restful sleep.

The Fountain Fairy cuddled her blanket up to her chin, enjoying the last few dreamy moments before the day truly began. Suddenly, she remembered that today was going to be an overly enchanting day indeed! This evening, she would get to meet with the generous, beloved, fearless leader of all the forest fairies, Queen Odette. The Queen had invited the forest fairy to her elegant and magnificent Hall of Celebration in the Fairy Hollow, for a special ceremony! What is the ceremony for you ask? The Fountain Fairy herself didn’t even know, for it was a secret!

She excitedly sprang out of her hammock bed, crafted from the strongest leaves in the forest! The Fountain Fairy let out a cheerful sigh as her toes landed on the soft moss of her rug, and her shimmering wings got their first flaps of the day. She fluttered over to the stove to put on the kettle. The fountain fairy wrangled her unruly curls into intricate braids, threading delicate wild flowers and vines throughout her hair, for the special occasion with the forest fairy Queen.

The kettle shrieked, as she plopped her favourite tea, wild strawberry, into her acorn shell tea cup. The Fountain Fairy sipped her tea, as she slipped on her favourite leather boots, that had carried her through too many adventures to count. She placed her tea cup down on her kitchen table, made from a beautiful spool of vibrant purple thread, that she had found in the Wells garden one afternoon. As she laced up her boots, she squealed in surprise, when she looked down and saw her pinkie toe wiggling in the sunlight, right out the front of her boot! How could this happen on today of all days, what was she going to do?!


There was only one fairy in the whole enchanted forest of Wells that she trusted to fix this problem, Ruby, the most talented seamstress fairy in all the land! The Fountain Fairy dashed out of her hollow, kicking the door closed behind her, and twisting the tiny key in the lock. She burst into flight, all that remained of her presence at the hollow entrance was her golden fairy dust, twinkling in the morning light. She dashed through the tree tops, over the gardens, and under branches, trying to reach Ruby’s hollow as quickly as she could.

The Fountain Fairy nearly crashed into Ruby’s shop door, the rain-washed night had made the entrance slippery. The shop door swung open, and there she was, with crazy red curls, rosy freckled cheeks, dazzling amber eyes, and the kindest smile you ever saw, Ruby warmly ushered the Fountain Fairy inside to the cosy shop. The Fountain Fairy plopped down on a plush velvety cushion and breathlessly explained her dilemma to Ruby. After giving the Fountain Fairy a reassuring hug, Ruby excitedly spun around, huddling over her jumbled work bench, feverishly designing the new boots in her giant sketch book.

The Fountain Fairy was enveloped by the sweet scents of all the materials Ruby used for her beautiful clothing creations. Ruby had the finest flower petals in the forest, strung all along the vibrantly coloured walls, to craft stunning skirts and delicate dresses, in every colour you could ever dream of. The most dazzling foliage and greenery cascaded from every inch of the ceiling, you felt like you were in the centre of the most beautiful bouquet ever created.

The large stove in the corner cast a warm glow, giving everything in the fairy’s shop a unique glimmer and sparkle, unlike anywhere else in the forest. The Fountain Fairy squeezed her eyes tight, wishing for the boots to be ready in time for the ceremony with the Queen tonight!

With the design complete, Ruby stuck her feathered quill behind her elfin shaped ear, and began to flit around the shop, quickly collecting all of the materials she would need for this project. Ruby was a flashing flurry of fabrics, spools of thread, pins, leaves, laces, and buttons flying every which way as she passionately worked on making boots fit for a visit with the Queen herself! Ruby knew the boots needed to be durable for the adventurous Fountain Fairy, but she couldn’t resist adding some enchanting flair here and there with shimmer and glitter, it was simply in her creative nature!

As the morning turned to afternoon, Ruby revealed the emerald green, knee high boots, with sparkling laces from the ankle all the way up to the knees, and a fluffy tassel on the toe for some fairy flair. The Fountain Fairy could not believe her eyes, they were more magical than she could have ever imagined, she was spellbound! With happy tears in her eyes, the Fountain Fairy gave Ruby the tightest hug she could manage. Ruby had saved the day, thank goodness for the kindness of a forest fairy friend! The Fountain Fairy carefully laced up the boots, wiggled her toes, hopped about, testing them for flight, and then was on her way.

As she waved goodbye, and darted out of Ruby’s shop, she saw that the sun had begun to set, and did not have much time to reach the Fairy Hollow! Would she make it in time for the ceremony with Queen Odette??



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