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Fairly Flo & Her Quest to Help a Friend

Wells House & Garden

By Wells House 23/04/2018

Once Upon A Time

hidden deep in the enchanted forest of Wells House, the Fountain Fairy was on the cusp of her next fantastic adventure. It was a blustery morning, but she enjoyed the wind enveloping her shimmering wings in such a way that had her soaring high and freely in the canopies of the tree tops. After the fresh rainfall during the night, the dew made the green of the trees quite vibrant, and the water droplets made the fresh spring blossoms glisten magically in the sunlight.

The Fountain Fairy whizzed happily through the air, up and over the branches, waving at all of her woodland creature friends that were rising for a new day, full of promise and sunshine. The Fountain Fairy spotted Mr. Grey Squirrel, perched on his branch, having his morning tea, with a bit of a troubled look upon his usually cheerful face. She swooped down to enquire about his peculiar expression. Mr. Grey Squirrel informed the Fountain Fairy of his predicament.

During the night’s storm, someone in the forest had taken the acorns he had been gathering for weeks. At once, the Fountain Fairy knew she had to help her friend find his lost nuts! She looked high and low, in every small fairy hollow, badger den, squirrel nook, and even under the frog’s lily pad, but she found nothing. As morning turned to afternoon, she zoomed through the trees, her hazelnut curls flying every which way.

She flew along with the Jackdaws, asking if they had seen Mr. Grey Squirrels acorns, but they had not! Trying not get discouraged, the Fountain Fairy decided that she should ask some of her fellow forest fairies if they knew anything about the acorns!

As she flew closer to the fairy hollow, in the most magical tree in the Wells forest, the laughter, chatter, and cheer could start to be heard, but only by the ear of fellow fairies! The fairy dust overflowed from the hollow, with a warm and welcoming golden glow. 

She gave the secret fairy password at the entrance, and the golden gates swung open, giving her access to her favourite place in the forest, the gathering place of all the forest fairies! If anyone could help her find Mr. Grey Squirrels acorns, it would be her fellow forest fairies.
They knew every inch of the forest, from caring for the trees, flowers, gardens, small woodland creatures, and anyone who needed their help, it was simply in their nature.

The Fountain Fairy dropped softly on the moss landing pad of the most popular forest fairy cafe in the hollow. She jiggled the small wooden door open, and the tiny bells jingled as she entered. The cafe was abuzz, as her fellow forest fairies got their late afternoon hot chocolates and sugary treats. The Fountain Fairy hopped up on to a wooden bench, and at the top of her lungs asked all the fairies if they knew anything about Mr. Grey Squirrel’s nuts. The chatter momentarily ceased as all the forest fairies hoped someone in the cafe could help the Fountain Fairy with her quest.

From behind the cafe counter a sweet little fairy whispered that she knew of the acorns. The Fountain Fairy whirled around, her wings sprung up in delight and curiosity. The sweet little fairy, Esmeralda, told the Fountain Fairy that she had found Mr. Grey Squirrel’s nuts that morning, they had blown through the forest from the storm’s wind during the night. She had been working hard all day in the cafe, and had not had a chance to return them to the kind squirrel.

The sweet fairy had saved the day! When she finished working the Fountain Fairy and Esmeralda flew the nuts back to Mr. Grey Squirrel’s tree hollow. He was so happy to have his acorns back and was so thankful for the fairies help. The Fountain Fairy hugged Mr. Grey Squirrel goodbye and flitted back to her perch at the fountain. As the sun set, the Fountain Fairy enjoyed the last few moments of the enchanting sun beams reflecting on the Wells fountain water. It had been a wonderful day, for any day that you get to help a friend, is magical indeed!

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Active Retirement

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