Activities at Wells House & Gardens


Activities at Wells House

There is plenty to do here at Wells House & Gardens, from exploring our wonderful gardens, eating in the tasty Brambles by Wells House

or meeting our furry friends in the animal farm – you will be entertained for hours.

01 / House Tour

Activities include our house tours. Discover the 400-year history of Wells House & Gardens with our living house tour and guide in Victorian dress who brings you back to a time when the magnificent ground floor and bedrooms witnessed the stories of Cromwell, Rebellions and the Famine. Uncover the everyday lives of not just the families who lived in the estate but also their famed architect Daniel Robertson and their tenants, giving you a unique insight into the life of previous generations.

02 / Animal Farm

Part of the fun when visiting Wells House and Gardens is a visit to the Animal Farm where you will meet our cute and cuddly residents.

We plan to organise workshops and feeding activities – please follow us on Facebook for updates.

03 / Adventure Playground

We all love to play and Wells House & Gardens is the place to do it with our state of the art adventure playground with swings, slides and a choice of climbing frames and ropes – let the fun begin!

After your activities our Picnic Area is adjacent to the playground so come prepared or pop into our restaurant for a selection of picnic delights or enjoy a take-away coffee while the children play!

04 / Gardens

The gardens at Wells House & Gardens were designed by renowned architect Daniel Robertson between the years of 1835 and 1838 and he introduced many landscape features including the Terrace Gardens, Radiating Parterre, Arboretum and Main Avenue. These gardens really do provide the perfect setting to relax and play.

05 / Woodland Walks

You can also explore the natural beauty of Wells House & Gardens as you meander through the beautiful woodlands and discover the fairies and Gruffalos hidden within the trees. We have two woodland walks which are 1.2km each and promise to bring you on a journey of magic and wonder.

Look out for our all new Fantasy Walk!