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A visit from the past…

Many of us have weird sensations when seeing shadows or shapes out of the corner of our eye, only for them to disappear when we turn to look and while you may be a nonbeliever or someone who is not afraid of such a paranormal experience, did you ever stop and wonder just what if something paranormal happened to you?

So, imagine it’s a cold dark night and the Halloween atmosphere is in full swing, trees rustling and every sound you hear begs the questions, what was that?! Light dances within the dark and you’re never too sure what is around the next corner, the fun and friendly scare factor of Halloween is everywhere. The ghouls and ghosts are out to play, but of course you know that they don’t really exist! Right?

This was the exact experience for one Halloween guest at Wells House who planned to attend a fun event at Wells House but it all got pretty serious after a few photos were taken…

Allison Darcy took the Halloween tour at Wells House and Gardens in 2014 with friends, family and two German students. The Halloween spirit was all around and after taking the tour and in high spirits, Allison decided to take some photos as a keepsake – little did she know, the Halloween surprises were not over yet. Upon printing the photographs an even bigger fright was waiting to be discovered.

‘When we printed out the photographs in McCauley’s, everyone said “who is that”,’ she explained. ‘It looks like a blonde woman who is wearing a riding costume and a hat.’

‘She’s looking back over her shoulder, and there’s a green blast over her,’ she added.

‘Everyone was really freaked out,’ said Allison. ‘You couldn’t have gotten more shocked than we were.’

Allison took the spooky photograph herself, and didn’t see anyone standing in front of the closed door when she snapped it.

‘We were on the last tour at 8.30 p.m. on Halloween night,’ she explained. ‘We took a group photo on the doorstep as we were leaving, probably around 9.30 p.m.’

A friend, James, took the first picture of Allison, her daughter Olivia, and the two German students. When she looked at the picture on the camera, Allison then asked him to take another shot, taking in more of the doorway and snapped a photo of the doorway herself to show him where to stand.

It was in this photograph that the figure appeared.

‘Only that we printed out the photographs so the German students could take them home, we wouldn’t have seen it,’ said Alison. ‘I don’t believe in things like that, but you can see a person where no-one should be.’

‘Two of us were staring at the house when I took the photograph, and didn’t see anything,’ she continued.

After the story of the ghostly apparition hit the headlines an expert in the paranormal field surmised that this lady did not belong to the Wells Estate but had travelled here as part of a longer journey to get home.

All we can say is, it is a curious case indeed!

So, if you are out and about this Halloween make sure to take a few photos and get them printed – who knows what surprise could be waiting for you! Halloween 2018 at Wells House and Gardens starts Friday the 26thof October with evening Dare to scare Tours each day until Wednesday the 31st. There are two Halloween tours this year: The Legend of gCarlottis Ear, is our family friendly scare tour which takes place out in the woodlands of the Wells Estate and we also have an Adult Halloween Scare Tour of Wells House itself where you will explore the house at night by candle light with your guide Miss Addison…

Bookings can be made here or enquire at info@wellshouse.ie

Quotes for this blog story were taken from the People Paper Article ‘Is this a Wells House ghost?’






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